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A fan what is it?

Learn all about the fan in indoor growing, your stores for industrial and domestic ventilation.

A ventilator or ventilator is a device intended, as its name suggests, to create an artificial wind propelled by a turbine to send you fresh air, a draft of air perfect to refresh you. The heat felt is only dependent on the outside temperature but it also decreases with the speed of the air. The air movement caused by the fan will refresh the people and the environment in question in order to refresh the space in question.

The fans have been around for decades and the first few fans were activated by human power or pet. From now on they have adapted an engine that drives a propeller such as a helicopter or an aviation turbine.

Fans can be used for all compressible fluids; They are used for comfort, industry and domestic applications.

Why do we need a fan in summer?

In summer, a ventilator provides a feeling of freshness to a human being by facilitating the evaporation of human or animal perspiration and by homogenizing the temperature of a room, but does not allow to lower the temperature, the driving elements on the contrary give off A little warmth but this will not happen absolutely not to feel on your human skin.

  • The ventilators allow ventilation and aeration of buildings, road works, etc. by renewing the air of the defined space.
  • The fan is often operated by a switch directly on the device.
  • Fans are used in a variety of fields, such as industry, offices, horticulture, creating airflow to maintain an acceptable temperature in certain environments, such as computers in server rooms.

Discover the selection of our Department Ventilation in indoor growing . Fans are devices that do not produce cold and yet it refreshes.

Indeed, the fan produces a flow of air produced by the rotation of the blades, which alone is sufficient to give the sensation of a lower temperature with this air circulating in the room.

A fan may also emit hot ventilation. Depending on your usage, choose between several models: fan on base or on foot , it is perfect for use at the office or set on a cabinet in the living room, the kitchen, the room and all that at least one meter high fan this is rather intended for the use of a single person, the fans up , often adjustable in height, with an easy system to handle it settles over the room of your choice. Otherwise opt for the model column fans who broadcasts a vertical airflow and sweeping oscillating in the room where you are, and refreshes you from head to toe without any difficulties. These fans are particularly silent particular brand Advanced Star reliable, powerful and economical fans.

These fans are often fitted to the bedroom to avoid prolonged muffling overnight.

Furthermore, the pedestal fan has a size which makes it a very easy-to-place, store and transport.

Discover 30cm metal air brewers or 45cm high performance, design and practice, they can be wall mounted if desired eg for offices or businesses in need of ventilation for the summer period.

Large variety of wall fans , so you want a ceiling fan with a remote to control, a fan silent wall , and swing for perfect air distribution in the environment.

Discover fans BOX FAN , flat fan, design, economical and powerful, we present the fans boxfans 30cm of advanced star , or model Box Fan 50cm fan ultra powerful affordable.

Always more innovative models on the fan side, try the 3 in 1 fan with its multifunction, an original and powerful model, function oscillating fan 45cm, its second function makes it a traditional metal brewer of 45 cm to lesser Price, you can also fix it to the wall for a wall fan, de-portable speed variator for an ease of use of your fan in indoor culture.


Find the honeywell fan type HT900 E, the best selling model of the brand of fan honeywell in France and europe, if the turbo fan model honeywell do not please you or too excessive in price, you can try the model Fan of advanced star in white and purified design and especially more powerful than the fan honeywell ht 900 even if the advanced star fan contains only 2 speeds instead of 3 at honeywell, also buy table fans at indoor culture, find A huge choice of table fans at the best price of the web at indoor culture, your store ventilation in France.

Side use freshener or fan, a fan has 2-4 speeds depending on models and different brands of fans or ceiling fans that will allow you to adjust it to your liking and in the heat of your environment, power 20 to 50W with or without blades.example for dyson fans. A low flow will be recommended when the stirrer is placed near you so you can select the appropriate speed of your device for the regulation of the ambient temperature of your space. If the temperature climbs too much, opt for an air conditioner that will definitely be more effective for the difficult summer times to overcome even with a fan.

More information on our guide:

How to choose your fan according to your needs?

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In case a product is not available for sale online, the price charged is that of stores growing indoor France.
Our product offerings and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site.

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