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The phosphorus (P)

What is Phosphorus Fertilizer?

The phosphorus enters the life processes of humans, animals and plants: the missing link of DNA and RNA.

Phosphorus is essential for cell growth and the formation of pollen to root developments etc ... 

Phosphorus creates very strong bonds with other atoms, it is in these connections that all living beings store their energy in the form of ATP ( A dénosine T ri- P hosphate), it is the center of energy metabolism All living things: plants, animals, bacteria, mushrooms ...

No phosphorus, no photosynthesis , :) "no arms, no chocolate", the plant can not use solar energy. It can no longer breathe or duplicate its genetic heritage.

If plants deficiencies phosphorus, the plant slowed down or stops all  growth (dwarfism), in the extreme to death. Hence the extreme importance of phosphoric feeding via the roots.

Phosphorus is most often found in rocks in totally unusable forms. Plants feed mainly from phosphorus soil organic matter or mineral fertilizer.

Phosphorus (P 2 O 5  ) registered with your bottle of fertilizer or fertilizer label is a molecule that exists neither in nature nor in fertilizers, it is actually a simple unit of measurement . Phosphorus is taken up by the plant in ion form (HPO 4 2- ) present in very small quantities in the soil solution. So everything consists in solubilizing the phosphorus to make it assimilable by the plant in your intensive cultures.

Plants susceptible to phosphorus deficiencies

Sensitive plants: vegetables fruit strawberry climbing or strawberry falling vegetables of any kind beans peas beetroot or potatoes for example flowering or fruiting plants.

How to correct a phosphorus deficiency?


The acidic and alkaline environments make it difficult phosphorus uptake by plants. The cold and moisture are also part of the aggravating factors of phosphate deficiency. Apply humic amendments types of manures or growth and flowering stimulators such as humic and fulvic boost of nutrients platinum, the best range of fertilizers that can correct the pH, to fill the available phosphorus in soil and reduce (For better root development) and drain the soil. To supplement, make inputs of fish meal, bone powder or natural phosphate (for acidic soils).

Namely  on mycorrhizae , they allow the consumption of phosphorus available in the soil, but in forms initially not available to plants, read below about mycorrhizae or read the  chapter all about mycorrhizae in our fields our advice cultures and information related to the cultivation of indoor plants such as  culture cupboard or growth chamber, also the  hydroponics or aeroponics , indoor cultivation is our specialty, indoor growing leader since 2002 in France and Europe.

New biological solutions exist to optimize phosphorus intake increasingly expensive  and yes phosphorus is the raw material among the most expensive fertilizer market. Some micro-organisms (bacteria, beneficial fungi types mycorrhizae example  monster X of platinum, fungi  Trichoderma of hazrnium type or  invasion t of platinum, try the beneficial fungi bascilius IT45 420 hydroponics with ROOTSHOOT bascilius ), real connections between the ground and plant , solubilize phosphorus and make bioavailable . But they do not replace the phosphorus inputs that remain necessary to balance crop exports, but these solutions optimize resources already present or brought in via phosphate fertilization.

And beware of excessive doses of phosphorus destroy these bacteria in your soil so you consume a bit more in case of phosphoric high in D dose of bacteria enter the weeks in your different stages of cultivation in soil or hydroponics . Hydroponics has no secrets for growing your indoor grow shop for your crops inside .


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