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What are the elements together for good "indoor garden"?

What means the term "Indoor Garden" ?

The indoor garden , in French " indoor garden " corresponds to the indoor cultivation . It is a way to garden at home.
In fact, anyone can cultivate at home flowers, fruits and vegetables. Either in his garden outside or on the balcony or in a room at home.

Culture Indoor helps you and supports you in setting up your " indoor garden " so that your garden develops in the best conditions, with equipment and tools hydroponic performance at competitive prices!
Create a indoor garden requires special practice, which tends often at the high tech gardening . So we will put at your fingertips all these technologies and tips to create your own indoor garden . So your horticultural production is one of the most abundant and tasty.

culture d'intérieur   interieur tente 1   interieur tente 2

Indoor growing or invitation of nature at home

The success of a culture in a house or apartment requires the application of a simple principle: to reproduce the conditions of the outside indoors (we invite you to it to also watch our tips on creation of natural conditions to create his garden). In the natural state, four factors influence the development and production of plants :

The Light

The light emitted by the sun plays a vital role for the plants. It allows them to grow and develop, triggering thereafter fruiting and flowering. Let us pause a moment on some phenomena due to light:

  • photosynthesis is a very important biochemical process for the plant. It will allow it to grow with light activity that provides CO² carbon dioxide to the plant which itself will subsequently release oxygen O²
  • photoperiod corresponds to light-dark cycles. In an indoor growing, it amounts to periods during which your culture will be under the light of your lighting system, or when it is off. Hence the usefulness of a timer:
Leds FloraLedballast SuperLumensReflecteur LumatekTimer Davin
Ex ballast
Ex reflector

Ex timer
programmer Davin

For more information, please visit our page dedicated to light and horticultural lighting.


Indoors, none of the natural elements that generate CO² and O² are present, apart from the plant itself. This is the horticulturist who must undertake to bring him in, otherwise it moves. Then you have to equip your room or grow room of a system of intraction / extraction. Operating by air call, the air inside your indoor garden will be renewed, preventing the plants suffocate. Remember also to place one or more plants in directions fans.

The climate control means in addition the temperature regulation. In fact, added to the heat of the room, the tent, and that emitted by the light, it is difficult to get a suitable environment for your culture. Hence the need to bring element such as a thermostat, air conditioner, humidifier and / or an ultrasonic atomizer.

extracteur Prima Klimaventilateur Advanced Startemperature & hygrometrie
Ex extractor
Prima Klima
Ex fan
Advanced Star
& hygrometer

humidificateur UltramistbrumisateurThermostat et hygrostats
Ex humidifier
& humidistat

Feel free to read our detailed article on the climate for further information.


Obviously, water, source of all life on Earth: essential element for plants and development and the diffusion of nutrients (qu'apportent also fertilizer ) in earth (or substrate ) to their roots. Then it is very important to irrigate his indoor garden . Whether for traditional culture earth by hydroponics or aeroponics .

Find more information about water and fertilizer and the water control .


substrate is the environment in which the roots grow and protect from light, they can not stand being photosensitive. Thus, there are several soils and culture substrates that can be classified into two distinct categories: the earth and hydroponics.

The traditional culture itself refers to the Earth that requires no or little contribution to fertilizer . By cons, as part of an interior land under cultivation, the plants are partitioned into pots and therefore must be attentive level monitoring nutritional intake.
As for hydroponics , it is possible to grow plants in a inert substrate culture and sterile as

The ability to unite these four elements in a partitioned space (a room or growth chamber ) determine the full success of a horticulture .

The benefits of culture "indoor garden"?

outside , the soil varies greatly and may contain toxic substances or harbor insects, fungi and other diseases. within , you choose the substrate of your choosing and adjust nutrients, dosed very precisely to the needs of your plant. You have a permanent control over the pH and EC , parasites, deficiencies, moisture, nutrients, etc.

Through the control of the weather , temperature and light, grow plants you want (tropical, fruit ...), throughout the year. The results can be surprising, with a considerable saving on your expenses in fruits, vegetables, condiments, and insurance consume without pesticides or other harmful substances. Plus, get up to six harvests a year, the seasons are no longer an obstacle!

Know plant without crashing you and grow your indoor garden with confidence!

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