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Recreate the natural conditions for his garden

Different types of garden, different types of culture?

The question seems strange but you can still get asked. Indeed, we can have many kinds of garden  for example gardens that ordinarily seen outdoors in cities and their surroundings, goshawks of our homes, or the hanging gardens to our balconies. But there is also - what interests us particularly here - the indoor gardens , from the "  indoor cultivation  " (also called " indoor garden  ").

How does a plant work ?

Before talking about the indoor gardens , succinctly see how a plant and what it needs in nature. 
The plants generally are a highly evolved form of life by their capacity to adapt to their environment. And this for millennia, with their structure accustomed to outdoor life: the plant is then able, through its visible part, to synthesize sunlight and CO 2 in the air in organic matter . This is the phenomenon of photosynthesis . A one combines the ingestion of nutrients , that is to say, the food that the plant "pump" in the earth with its roots .

Observe the plants for a successful garden

observe his gardenFor the proper development of plants in your garden, you will get to know them, to assimilate all their genetic potential, and to know how to manage the different phases of  germination and cuttings , the  growth  and  flowering . 

The plants appreciate regularity and delicacy. 
to become a good gardener, so it is best to understand and understand these processes. Especially when one wants to create its  indoor garden  ! For about indoor growing , an  indoor garden  itself is controlling the inputs needed by the plants and the weather (which requires a minimum of practice). This with the aim of recreating the best harmony and balance favorable for the proper development of indoor plants.

How to cultivate his garden?

If one wants to succeed its culture and outdoors, it takes time, space, and - it must be admitted - a minimum of investment. And for that, Culture Indoor advises and accompanies you better in your choice of equipment for your indoor garden. And that, at the best price!

Although recreate the natural environment of the plant in your indoor garden

Lovers of exotic, rare plants or orchids and cherry tomatoes, the aim is to recreate a space in which your plants will flourish with the same environmental conditions as their natural environment. To start, go home, in the corner of a room, a growth chamber ( homebox for English speakers) to the dimensions that suit you. Inside the tent , you can for example decide to grow tropical plants while we are in December or summer lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. You are master of your culture!

So how to recreate the external natural conditions for your plants inside a grow room? 
Here is how you can install your indoor garden:

And now ... what happens inside the grow room? 

Do not rush, and think carefully about the installation of your grow room! 
Indeed, we must also consider the different phases of natural vegetation , in addition to temperature , to humidity , diffusion of the light , the noise, etc. :

  • for the first phase, the germination / cuttings , plants can be placed in a greenhouse , to maintain high humidity and under a cold blue light ( neon  or LED , more economic for the same efficiency).

  • for the growth phase , your plants will need more space. It may be that you need to change lamps (neon against a MH metal halide less blue , for example). The plants begin to consume more CO 2 , thus increase the power extraction . 

    tent growth

  • for the blooming phase , it is important to move up the lamp according to the height of the plant, and to place a HPS  (with ballast  appropriate - ballast advice ): its spectrum, intensity and warmer red are better for plants at this stage. More flowers appear, the more you will increase the power of the extraction to avoid the risk of mold and more persistent odors. 

                            flowering tent

Regardless, the indoor gardening  is not very complicated. But this takes time, patience and practice mainly. Culture Indoor accompany you to become an expert in hydroponics (see definition here ), and offers a multitude of choices of materials and tools for creating your gardens. Whether indoors but also outdoors . Because yes, we also have what you need for you, outdoor gardeners! Choose from our fertilizer , our pots and pans , our soils and substrate , our gardens , etc ...

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