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And 2 WINNERS are ...

In the edition of January and February 2016 , the Hydromag magazine presents the results of comparative tests on leading brands of substrates. Among other CANNA, BIOBIZZ, U-GRO, NUTRIFIELD, plagron, ATAMI, GROWTH TECHNOLOGY, PLATINIUM ...

In this issue, the COCO substrate is tested because it is the medium of choice for most growers. Coco substrate is a relatively uniform product to the naked eye, so it is difficult to actually see the differences between the marks. Hydromag tested each substrate by assigning a note following the expected performance. Hydromag

3 comparison criteria are important:

In Coconut 40L is what is really Coconut 40L?

washing and rinsing process he was well respected? The substrate is it neutral enough to accommodate the plant in the best possible conditions?

This is not on the bags, but each brand performs a buffering process of Coco substrate. This allows the substrate to retain its properties, in particular the calcium, the rate of barium chloride, Sodium were also tested for salinity / acidity of each susbstrat.

Results: Platinum & Nutrifield stand in front of the biggest brands !!


The tests resulted in a ranking, sorting the best performing brands based on criteria such as the rate of EC, pH, Barium chloride ... This shows the attention paid to the preparation of the substrate by the manufacturer. The purpose of Hydromag (as Culture Indoor) is that the customer is satisfied and knows which substrate bring him the most satisfaction at the opening of the bag!

Coco Mix a clean substrate ranked 1 st ex aequo on the tests of pH and Chlorine Ec! Listed on Culture Indoor here


Platinium Soil clean substrate ranked 1 st ex aequo on tests of barium chloride! Sodium rate is very low.


Soil platinium a substrate by volume corresponding to the label or more! A very correct level of EC!


Coco Mix substrate is unsurprisingly saw the results, a clean substrate at the right volume

and with a very low sodium levels.

A great product! Surprising it even out of the top brands!

Use your eyes closed (supporting comparison tests) ...


Platinium by Hydromag

This brand of Coco relatively unknown turns out to be a pleasant surprise. It's really clean, has good volume bag and a pleasantly low sodium level. The only little more that could be made would be a higher buffer value for calcium. Always it is that it's a great product, one of those that we would be happy to use ourselves.



Platinium unanimous on its components ...

Platinium by Hydromag Due to their
good performance on comparison of coconuts in previous issues, we did not expect less than Platinum. PH and EC levels have done the job and the bulk density is good. Only the return of the volume is a little shy but other than that, nothing to quibble.

Indeed, in the edition of May and June 2015 , already showed Hydromag testing substrates Earth many brands based on many criteria.

Already Platinum fell Soil challenges!Hydromag

The Platinum Light Mix most balanced in terms of pH and EC.


The Platinium Soil better density volume / bulk purchasing.


To experience the best substrates, visit the page Platinium Soil . Good crop! Sources: Hydromag No. 17 Hydromag No. 14

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