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Indoor Culture with Indoor Culture

A successful indoor growing in a house or apartment requires the implementation of a simple principle: "reproduce the conditions of the outside indoors."

Concretely, in a natural state, a plant, whatever its species, needs several parameters so that it can develop, reproduce, grow or flourish.

You believe the crop indoor reserved for experienced gardeners? With Indoor Culture, it's easy.


Culture Indoor shares its tips by topic below. Do you ask more questions about indoor growing, the indoor garden , all the questions you ask are you on the site Of course gardening is an exchange between the plant and its environment, if some failures are sometimes inevitable (diseases ...) you will succeed your cultures thanks to our experience in indoor culture, and a little practice. Our expertise in video on the Youtube channel Culture Indoor.

Placard of culturecontaining a system Autopot (without electricity system, standalone) and plants boosted with 420 Organics .

Culture Indoor offers its expertise and range of innovative products through the growth chamber , the carbon filter and fertilizers largest Dutch brands such as range Plagron , allowing you to get the best results as quickly as possible to The indoor cultivation of your plants. Not to forget anything, Culture Indoor offers a wide range of accessories , to plant extraction at all specific products gardening, pruning shears, scissors ... read the FAQ below:


ThemeTitleIndoor Culture In a nutshellYour most common questions
Chamber-cultureThe Chamber of Cultureculture tent is dedicated to indoor growing . Its name differs between people and places, you can call the culture chamber grow tent Growtent homebox blackbox box ... More

Can I make my own culture in a closet?

What is a culture tent?

Why use a grow box?

Do you know the culture cabinet term ?

lightThe lightAn essential element in nature, the light emitted by the Sun not only allows plants to grow through Photosynthesis, but also triggers fructification or blooming thanks to the lighting time, the Photoperiod. Find out more

Why use a ballast?

What is a MH, HPS bulb?

Is the led effective for flowering?

The plasma lamp an alternative?

What is the right distance between my plant and the indoor growing light source?


The air

On land, the whole plant mass has in abundance a rich air CO² (carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide) and O² (oxygen). Without this, all life is impossible! Your plants will love being like outdoor. Find out more

Where to find the fans?

Why do your plants need climate control?

Where to place your fan in the box?

Why choose Bullfilter filters?

What is a humidifier ?

SubstratesSubstratesBy definition, the substrate is the medium where the roots develop and protect themselves from light, which they do not support: they are photosensitive. Thus, there are several substrates of culture in two very distinct categories: earth and hydroponics. Find out more

What is perlite?

Is a culture without substrate possible?

What is the best coco substrate?

How to choose the soil?

How to use the clay ball?

What is the geotextile fabric pot?

Looking for a pot design and 100% French?

fertilizerWater and fertilizersWater is the indispensable factor for every form of life on Earth. In plants, water is used to transport nutrients and their uptake by roots. Because of this, in an interior culture, an optimized control of the water produces consequent results! Find out more

How to fight against the deficiencies of my plant?

Where are the crop patterns?

Do you have any information about Canna?

Why choose Platinium Nutrients?

What is the Trichoderma ?

Where does the mycorrhizae ?

What is an organic fertilizer ?

What is a rooting hormone ?

SystemsThe Systems* Systems: Refers containers nutrient substrates or solutions supplying plants. Each container functioning in a specific way. Find out more

What is a hydroponic system?

Aéroponie, an accessible culture method?

What are the different methods of cultivation?

Do you know the term hydroculture?

What is pH?

What is water conductivity (EC)?

What is the right temperature of the water?

germinationGermination and Cutting

In indoor growing, the challenge is to recreate the conditions essential to the good germination or cuttings of the plant. Besides the technique, there is also equipment, greenhouses, heating mat, substrates for cuttings, fertilizers cuttings ... More

How to choose between clones, and new seed?

How to succeed in your first culture?

What fertilizer to throw a mother plant clone?

growthGrowthAfter the germination of the seedling (plant from a seed), a plant returns to growth or vegetative phase when its second leaf stage is formed after the cotyledons (the first two leaves). Also create your own cuttings More

How long does growth last?

What Are Special Growth Bulbs?

floweringFloweringThe flowering cycle is based on a continuous duration of lighting of 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. This cycle must be strictly respected so as not to stress plants ("flashing") and not to relaunch them in growth. Find out more

How long does flowering last?

When does bloom start?

controlWater ControlThe hydrogen (or pH) potential measures the chemical activity of hydrogen ions (H +) in solution. More commonly, pH measures the acidity or the basicity of a solution. It is important to monitor it because it plays a decisive role. Find out more

Why Hydroponics Water Control?

AquaponyThe AquaponyAquapony is a technique of the future which is increasingly used throughout the world (especially in the United States and Australia) in small commercial farms or by individuals for self-production. Find out more

Aquapony, a solution for the future?

What is a plant wall?

What are the news in indoor culture?

Lexique2.pngLexiconAll technical terms and their definition. Better than Wikipedia! Find out more

Our expertise in indoor culture

Culture Indoor following news about hydroponics and horticultural crops. Discover our press review Cuture indoor .

Indoor culture

Find all our tips for your indoor culture:

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