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How to protect your plants from insects and diseases?

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At any time a grower may be faced with insect problems and diseases caused by fungi in his crops.

Insects such as thrips, white flies ... And molds such as powdery mildew, botrytis, mildew ... are the enemies of a healthy culture indoor and outdoor.

What causes the onset of disease or insects? 
How to protect or heal her plants?

To answer these questions and especially to find solutions before moving to the wrong solution (throw away her plants), here are some answers:

red spiderwhite flies
Red spidersWhite flies
First symptom: Small yellowish and whitish spots.First symptom: Discolored tasks on the leaves.
What solutions?What solutions?
Humidity control.Control of the T °.
► More info to fight against red spiders► More info to fight against white flies
aphidsGray rot
First symptom: reduced growth rate, marbled leaves, yellowing and wilting.First symptom: dark and softened tissues, and gray down.
What solutions?What solutions?
Do not use too much nitrogen fertilizer.Control of the T °.
► More info to fight aphids► More information to fight against gray rot
fliespowdery mildewthrips
Flies of potting soilOidium and mildew
First symptom: Insects fly around shoots and near windows.

First symptom: On the upper side, white powder.

First symptom: Deformations produced at the level of shoots and flowers.
What solutions?What solutions?What solutions?
Humidity control.Humidity control.Thoroughly clean the growing area.
► More info to fight against the flies of potting soil► More information to fight against powdery mildew► More info to fight thrips


Many treatments and brands contribute to the protection and elimination of pests and diseases:


garlic punch

vg garden

All products in the Insect Treatment department .

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