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What is conductivity ?

The conductivity (measured in ppm, EC, TDS, CF) is the total of soluble salts contained in a liquid solution or nutrient solution for example in hydroponics or hydroponics .

Pure water contains no salts , therefore it has a measurement of zero conductivity . Adding soluble components in water , electricity is able to move through the solution giving it a rating conductivity .

So why is it important to calculate the electro-conductivity (EC) in hydroponics or hydroponics?

Using hydroponics as an example, different cultures grow well at different nutritional levels of resistance ( electrical conductivity = EC ). The control of this force nutrient is important to provide the best conditions for your crop. Without an appropriate measure of your crop this can lead to burning roots. Burns caused by a level too high for fertilizer or fertilizer. The roots not die na receive the vital elements needed for their development and at different stages of cultivation (such as growth, flowering) in hydroponics or hydroponics . 

Different cultures grow well at different levels of the nutrient strength that is to say with a CE different. It is important to control the nutritional strength to enable the root zone of the plant to absorb a maximum power , while minimizing stress . 

For each crop plant and especially in hydroponics , there is an interval in which the nutrient resistance is optimal, providing sufficient nutrients for growth, but not as strong as the concentration of salts in the plant that is generally too high. Of electronic testers are available to measure the conductivity of the nutrient solution .

Discover our Department electro-conductivity or tester EC in order to find the ideal EC tester for your indoor growing and hydroponics.

Platinium - EC waterproof pen IP57 (6061)Bluelab - EC meter waterproofHM Digital - EC Waterproof EC Com-80 Tester

Culture Indoor answers all the questions you ask yourself about the conductivity :

  • How to calibrate my tester EC ?
  • What calibration solution for my tester EC ?
  • Looking EC buffer ? Or an EC buffer ?
  • How stamp my EC tester ?
  • What is the best rate of EC for plants ?
  • Looking for a fertilizer tester? 
  • Looking for a store to buy a EC tester or conductivity tester ?
  • Looking EC tester cheap? Visit the shelf.
  • Is that if I put a EC too high for my plants I burn? Yes.

Discover the calibration solutions, the leading brands testers EC or testers conductivity brand Bluelab , HM Digital , Platinium Instruments , GrowthTechnology etc ... and accessories for your precision instruments.

At Culture Indoor , find all the information about the electro-conductivity and the necessary needs fertilizer for your plants in their appropriate stage and according to their stage of evolution. Understand how to use a tester electro conductivity in hydroponics and in your culture cabinets .

Of osmosis filters also possible to act on the conductivity.

All the EC testers are in Culture Indoor , your growshop for indoor cultivation since 2002, visit our 130 stores in France and Europe and get the best price in your grow shop online with free delivery in 24h.

Platinium - EC Tester

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