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The hydro what is it?

Do you know hydroponics  ?

Find out all about the techniques of hydroponics and the hydroponics few tips to Culture Indoor .

Grow plants in hydroponics consists of several steps, understand hydroponics simply.

The hydroponics is to hydroponics  ? yes
Hydroponics is hydroponics  ? Yes

How to water and care for a plant in hydroponics  ?

Grow plants without soil, only water is possible through hydroponics , hydroponics, hydroponic and cultivation method avoids messy manipulations for your home environment, living or otherwise.

Culture Indoor explains how to grow plants in hydroponics  and it's simple: plants that accept this type of culture, hydroponics requires the necessary equipment for hydroponics.

The hydroponics, always called Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil and therefore Above ground, directly in water solution coupled with a nutritious saturated with oxygen for better nutrient absorption by roots the hydroponics allows plants to grow more quickly, vigorously and increase the speed of growth of 20-30% compared to systems with soil, which also limits the risk of diseases, pathogens or insect attack less present in hydroponics . The roots are in the dark, and this requires less water since the earth generally absorbs some of this water.

The advantages of hydroponics are particularly significant in the apartment and appreciated indoor growers or closet cultivation:

  • No messy handling of earth or soil except for hydroponic coir on combining a concept of organic mineral hydroponics to obtain delightful production results with innovative tastes.
  • Only one watering per month on average for conventional plants but daily watering for intensive crops or crops in cupboard, a culture under lamp causes the plant to perspire and therefore requires fertilizer and water resources to compensate for its any gaps in specific moments under the sun artificial lights type HPS sodium lamp , bulbs CFL , lED lamps horticultural or kind T5 or turbo neon .
  • Still less risk of disease no soil may rot and no proliferation of pathogen or bacteria harmful to your crops indoors.

The majority of green house plants are cultivated in hydroponics . The following list includes the most common but far from complete because you can cultivate hundreds of varieties as for example below:

  • Tomato cultivation in hydroponics
  • Cherry tomatoes in hydroponics
  • Climbing strawberry in hydroponics
  • Raspberries in hydroponics
  • Canna in hydroponics
  • Orchid hydroponics
  • Herbs in hydroponic
  • Peppers hydroponics
  • Eggplant in hydroponics
  • Lemon in hydroponics
  • Pommier in hydroponics
  • Poirier in hydroponics
  • Flowers in hydroponics
  • Grow roses in hydroponics

The list of plants that have the ability to adapt to hydroculture are numerous.

In photo, hydroponic system Ebb & Flow Platinium Hydroponics

Flowers, roses, all vegetables, know that 90% of fruit and vegetables you buy and eat comes from industrial hydroponics because hydroponics is the most developed means of production that can increase up to 200% The production of plants cultivated in soil according to the varieties and especially allows to cultivate health without pesticides and without insecticide treatments. For years the changes do not stop and it is now possible to grow in hydroponics with  organic fertilizers hence the concept of culture bioponics.

Example take BioSevia Grow , BioSevia bloom well as Trichoderma , the ideal is to use a biofilter to increase the rate of beneficial bacteria throughout culture for culture regulator and allowing organic nitrogen to be assimilated In part while normally organic nitrogen is not directly assimilable but the beneficial fungi do the work and allow you to cultivate biologically in hydroculture.

Find the equipment needed for hydroculture at indoor growing your growshop for hydro and culture.

The hydroponics requires no land, but requires hydro grains , bread cubes or  horticultural rockwool type  grodan or cutilène this small equipment suitable is available in our different radii for hydroponic at inexpensive prices and found in good urban garden as Culture Indoor and its network of 130 stores throughout Europe, France and Dom Tom.

cart called hydroponics or hydroponics cart : it is a basket with holes in the bottom and all around so the water can flow in a closed circuit or open circuit.

A hydroponics system closed circuit system is a hydroponic operating in recirculating nutrient solution flows from the reservoir to the plant directly looping unlike a hydroponics system open circuit that will send only the nutrient solution Without recovering it therefore more economic since one gives only what is necessary to the plant.

How to install a plant in hydroponics  ?

The ideal is to choose a plant in perfect health, and preferably of small size not more than 50 cm if not its adaptation will be difficult and perilous.

For all the odds on your side, make the transfer method of cultivation in the spring for crops outdoors and when you want to hydroponics indoors it will rehabilitate the new root system that will grow better after a week of rehabilitation, is best from cuttings made to adapt aeroponics seedlings with taking almost immediate roots.

Prepare the roots of your plants carefully:

First remove the plant from its pot and let it soak in a sink full of water and gently scrape to make from the most of soil around the roots to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the earthen pot in hydroponics , otherwise you may have to change the nutrient solution several times the first days to evacuate completely the remaining soil. Finish by evacuating the soil and rinsing the roots abundantly under tap water directly in temperate water. It is essential that there are no traces of soil on the roots of the plant before implantation in Tray hydroponics.

With a pair of scissors or a scalpel, cut the roots slightly to remove the tip and even the whole, knowing that you can add to the nutrient solution a root stimulator allowing an immediate and rapid development of the root zone. Try  Rhizoponics the most concentrated stimulator, most powerful 100% organic and hydroponic usable while being a pacemaker approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Install the plant in its basket hydroponics or growing pot filled with clay balls associated with irrigation which will circulate the nutritive solution saturated with oxygen through different hydroponic pot or baskets dedicated to hydroponics.

Soak the clay balls 24H in water for buffer pH of your culture so as to control the nutrient solution from the start and locations of plants in hydroponics but also often to rinse the dust generated by the hydro grains and expanded for better pH stability in your systems growing hydroponically .

Place the clay balls into the basket or pots hydroponics.

Keep the plant on this layer and gradually pour clay balls down to its trunk, so as to hold the plant in place in its pot.

Gently shake the whole so that the clay balls are distributed well around the roots and they are bunched together to stabilize the plant.

Complete the installation of your plant in hydroponics.

Place the inner basket containing the plant in the pot hydroponics .

Bring the fertilizer . A nutrient solution  : tap water at room temperature, added to specific liquid fertilizer for hydroponics .

Add water sprinkler of special fertilizer for hydroponics only when the new root system is formed, a few weeks after the new cultivation of your plants.

Observe the doses indicated in relation to the volume of water used.

Observe strict hygiene and systems and pots clean.

Discover the brands dedicated to hydroponics

As Platinium Nutrients , Canna , Plagron , GHE , Hydropassion , Aptus , Vaalserberg garden , Atami , 12345 hydroponics , 420 hydroponics etc ...

Discover Platinum hydroponics and all these systems for hydroponic, GHE and complete range for hydroponics, Nutriculture, IWS, alien hydroponics, Hydrosystem, Autopot etc ...

This is to take a hitherto crop in the ground and pass in hydroponics  : This is a bit tricky but doable along well all the steps.

In photo, Platinium clay balls recommended in hydroculture

Would you go to hydroponics  ? Become a hydrocultivateur visiting Culture Indoor your growshop since 2002 partner for your plants in hydroponics .

Hydro and Culture = hydroculture = hydroponics = above ground cultivation

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Find all our tips for your indoor culture:

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