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The rooting hormone what is it?

Bouturage.pngIt is a hormone to apply to the tip of cuttings or clones cut on the plant directly. They make it possible to promote the emission and recovery of the first roots of your mother plant (the mother plant on which you picked a cut).

For example when making a or cuttings from another plant, the first step is to dip the end of the cutting (and thus the stem) directly into rooting hormone (approximately about 1 to 3 cm height of the rod in question), then remove the excess powder, gel cuttings or liquid to the cuttings and planted in a mixture of soil and perlite to give it a good ventilation to future levels roots, otherwise insert into your hydroponic baskets or neoprene foams for aeroponic bouturettes called  cuttings aeroponics using the same techniques of cultures NASA or grow in space for example. Culture Indoor gives you some explanation of this rooting hormone mysterious.

What is the secret molecule in rooting hormone  ?

The hormone rooting the most widespread on the market contain the synthetic hormone AIB, called acid b- indole butyric .

These hormones are sometimes directly available naturally in some fertilizers based on seaweed concentrate auxin.

What is auxines?

Auxin is a plant hormone called phytohormone on the horticulture market. Auxins play an essential role in controlling the growth and development of plants.

The plant hormone directly involved in the early stages of embryogenesis well as control and organization of the apical meristem and branching of the aerial parts of the plant immediately obtaining an apical dominance, that the formation of the main root, root initiation Lateral roots and adventitious roots (hence the rhizogenesis of plants).

Auxin also involved in tropism in response to gravity called gravitropism or light called phototropism . These multiple effects at the plant level result from control over plant cell division, cellular elongation and some stages of differentiation. Auxin is present throughout the plant kingdom. Auxin is essential for higher plants, the major form of auxin is 3-indole acetic acid but other natural molecules also exhibit auxin activity. Auxin is synthesized primarily in young leaves and is actively transported to other tissues of the plant to coordinate growth and facilitate responses to changes in the environment.

Shares of rooting hormone with acid 3 indole acetic promote the issuance of roots (roots). They accelerate the healing of the cutting to place by using it, thus increasing the chances of success for cuttings

The packaging of the cuttings hormone in the gardening market and in horticulture professionals are in the form of powder in small individual sachets, in the form of liquid gel, in liquid suspension, solutions ready to soak your cuttings for fast Activate their root system.
With a box of 35 grams you can make up to 350 cuttings. Cutting hormone is available as a 50 mL bottle of cutaneous gel, or biological cuttings gels such as Clone Xroots, Mama Clones, find boxes of 5 doses of 5 grams.
Thoroughly close the sachet or bottle after opening and check the dates of use on the boxes before using it. Know that it is much simpler to use gels or liquids for cuttings facilitating their uses without errors possible, the powder misused can make you make errors of manipulations.

Simplement la meilleure hormone naturelle pour le bouturage 100% organique

One rooting hormone powder manufacturer on the market , Unipex , manufacturer of green cryzotop, Rhizopon today after multiple comparative trials and hormones cuttings, we recommend  Clone Xroots rooting hormone for biological cuttings that protects the environment,  Platinium Nutrients French leader hormones cuttings organic and 100% natural with amazing results.

The composition of rooting hormone: 
There is a small percentage of b-indole butiryque , a chemical that mimics the functions of natural hormones and thus give the plant a boost. Dose approved by France Unipex is followed: 0.10 g per cutting.

The disadvantages of rooting hormone: 
In overdose on the cutting, the hormone causes malformations or non-recovery or death of the cutting, that is why we recommend the natural hormones Platinium Nutrients .

Cuttings can also be made without using this product

Some plants produce enough natural rooting hormones to do without chemical cuttings hormone (knotweed, misery, etc.). Emphasize its use for difficult cuttings.

In aeroponics or aeroponics system type bouturette Super ClonerXtream PropagatorRainforestCutting Board, discover simple systems to achieve 100% success in your session and rooting hormone is not mandatory but saves time And get the first roots in just a few days.

How to cut vines? 
How to cut tomatoes? 
How to cut strawberries? 
How to cut the canna plant? Canna is an easy to cut plant with cuttings hormones allowing to give this immediate boost to your future young plants. 
How to make cuttings  Read our article  to earthen cuttings in hydroponics, and aeroponics, coconut fiber or rockwool. 
Want to buy clonex gel cuttings? Discover Clone Xroots home platinum nutrients in Culture Indoor leader of hydroponics in France and Europe.

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