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A Bio fertilizer or organic fertilizer that is what exactly?

Culture Indoor explain what an organic fertilizer , their 100% organic compositions, their effects, their recommendations in organic farming , discover ways of ecological farming and efficient.

Normally, a fertilizer or fertilizer "said organic" and or fertilizer or fertilizer "natural" are synonymous and refer to organic fertilizers says 100% organic, ie these are fertilizer from living matter, animal , Or vegetable.

Natural fertilizers and organic fertilizers are preparing yourself or purchased ready commercially bottled for liquid fertilizer, bag or pot for powdered fertilizer, granulated or amendments and decomposition slow to slow fertilizing your plants and gardens, for example the bat guano decompose over 8 to 10 weeks of cultures, or granular fertilizers which will take up to two months to fertilize your beloved plants, however , gardeners, farmers, growers , growers , grower purely organic tend to trust us and to the fertilizer they possibly can prepare themselves by taking to the alchemists of organic farming .

The main fertilizer biological that can often be used by its organic gardeners are often of wood ash, green manure, they make their homemade compost with recipes from grandmothers, discover their sewage plants manufacturing such as nettle teas , the sewage comfrey and the sewage ferns and practices garlic sewage for long-term treatment of organic crops. The teas are effective products to certain struggles of disease or pathogen in your garden or on your plants and remain in treatment 100% organic . Gardeners apartment, indoor growers, terrace or balcony, cultivate culture cabinet to obtain harvest 100% organic 365 days a year thanks to the new method of gardening indoors. Or also you realize fertilizers 100% organic home made with your own hands.

Organic Fertilizers

Culture Indoor cites an example of wood ash used in organic farming among gardeners farmers .

Wood ash is a fertilizer Did you know?


This is a fertilizer that provides the potassium and phosphorus.
This fertilizer is especially rich mainly potash , and a little less in phosphorus , this ash-based fertilizers also contains calcium. Know that wood ash is used as fertilizer for your plants even though this may surprise you strongly and leave you skeptical. The fine and powdery texture is applied as an amendment and also lighten the sometimes heavy and unbalanced soils for your crops.

If using wood ash, be careful not to use any ash or any method for application on your plants and gardens.

Use the ash as fertilizer , first you must ensure only burn untreated wood and unpainted and waste plants . Do not add old newspapers printed in color nor magazines. Otherwise your ash will not be organic! And it may even be toxic to your plants.

For what types of plants can we use wood ash in our gardens?

La cendre de bois est un excellent engrais pour vos pelouses, tomates, melons, pommes de terre, légumes-feuilles et pleins d’autres légumes intéressants à cultiver biologiquement dans vos potagers.

How to use organic wood ash?

The ash is used in very small quantities. Attention do not use more than 4 handles per m² per year and never in limestone soil if not it will do too much.

Organic Fertilizer: Looking for recipes to make your own organic fertilizer for your home plants or indoor vegetable garden?

Know that there are also some recipes from grandmothers to manufacture fertilizers 100% organic for green plants or flowering plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables balcony, terrace or in the culture cabinet for the pleasure of gardening throughout the Year.

For example, the cooking water from vegetables and cooking water boiled eggs or boiled are excellent house formulations to bring minerals and trace elements to plants which is critical for your plants, Provided only that the water is not too salty. Use cooled water to water the plants and it will work very well.

It is also possible to water its plants with leftovers of tea, coffee, wine, or even with the water of your aquarium if you possess it and yes many things are possible in biological and urban gardening.

The coffee grounds can enrich your crops when repotting larger sizes.

The organic farming is what exactly?

Everything about the organic agriculture is important.

Organic agriculture is a production method that finds its originality in the use of practices of crops and livestock that strive to maintain natural balances and the environment. And in this way, completely excludes the use of chemical synthesis of GMOs and limits the use of inputs.

The profits that the company can withdraw from organic farming are numerous in terms of creating jobs and activities, preservation of soil quality, biodiversity, of the air and water . This mode of production makes it possible to experiment in life-size innovative practices respectful of the environment and which are likely to be developed more widely in agriculture. Its modes of transformation emphasize the development of the natural characteristics of the products.

Organic Agriculture

Fertilizers UAB


Seen everywhere of stamped UAB fertilizers without actually knowing its exact definition.

What does UAB ?

UAB = Can be used in organic farming.

In general, the term organic usually includes everything that is linked to living or derived from these organisms.

In the industry garden fertilizer , organic simply means that which grows naturally. Biological, it is cultivated without any additives or chemical fertilizers or inorganic base. From a chemical point of view, the biological term refers to the way in which carbon-based molecules act and react in any type of compound and materials.

As regards foods, in order to be officially designated as organic according to current legislation and certifications, fertilizers and stimulators must be produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics (except for medical purposes), Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic farming also prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and processes such as irradiation.

Put simply, organic farming allows nature to do what it does best. It is therefore a culture based on holistic and ecologically balanced agricultural principles, based on soil fertility, crop rotation and pest control by natural means, essential to preserve our fragile planet.

If a farmer grows with organic products and fertilizers, in no case may use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on their organic crops and avoid the use of synthetic hormones ...

Organic farming is simply obvious choice.

Industrial chemical fertilizers destroy the natural and living soil rather than multiplying. Once the soil is depleted due to this speed solution, these industrial chemicals are taken to groundwater and destroy or modify wildlife, algae and coral reefs.

Residues of these chemicals and pesticides may also end up in some products that we consume.

A diet of organic fruits, vegetables or herbs without ever using chemicals or pesticides can strengthen the immune system of animals and even help them recover from disease.

We believe agriculture must escape laboratories and rediscover its roots in organic farming for the good of the Earth, of all beings who live there and always in order to preserve their future on this fragile planet .

If you are looking for a UAB fertilizer, check out our organic fertilizer section.

Discover BIOBIZZ, platinum nutrients, BIOCANNA , house and garden, solabiol, OR BRUN , NOVA GARDEN, PLAGRON, BIOTABS, General Hydroponics, find fertilizer for organic cultivation in indoor growing, your growshop for indoor growing and your indoor gardens.

Indoor cultivation specializing in organic farming since 2002, free delivery * loyalty discount for life * on your biological fertilizers and especially adaptable in organic farming. Organic fertilizers in organic farming stock.La at the right price in our organic fertilizers rays .

What is a green manure or green manure?

Did you know that the term "green manure" refers to temporary crops of fast growing plants to cover the ground between two cultivated a plot and then be cut and buried in the ground to enrich naturally In nutrients.

Associated with crop rotation, the technique of green manure is used both on large areas in agriculture, as well as on vegetable plots in gardening.

Advantages of this fertilizer

A green manure planting not only provides nutritional benefits, but also a ground cover , which:

  • Significantly reduces weed growth and avoids the use of herbicides before replanting the plot;
  • Fixes nitrogen in the soil;
  • Reduces soil erosion and improves its physical structure: the soil is aerated and decompressed by the action of the roots;
  • free or almost: only costs the price of seeds .

Green fertilizer what does it mean? What plants are used as green manure?

Plants used as green manure

Moutarde.pngDiscover through indoor cultivation your garden specialist and organic fertilizer that plants used as green manure are often clover, vetch, phacelia, mustard, rapeseed and alfalfa. Did you know ? Do you know of other plants usable as green manure?

Most of the time, only one plant is used for a plot, but there are also ready-made mixtures of several plants, for example clover, vetch and oats for a mixture particularly rich in nitrogen and adapted to your plants and organic gardens.

Where to buy organic seed from these rare plants?

You can buy clover seed, vetch, phacelia, mustard, canola and alfalfa from companies specializing in the sale of seeds in major distribution channels, especially in DIY stores or gardening as indoor growing the gardens leader Urban in France and in Europe, the specialist in seed or organic seed, he has become the leader of gardening with deliveries in 24 hours, your gardens will no longer have time to be thirsty for organic fertilizers.

If you are a professional you can get a personalized quote. CIS official wholesaler of Culture Indoor , your online growshops since 2002, provided that a professional can offer you the best rates in the world of biology and organic garden.

Green manure: how to use it?

Green manure on seedlings for example.

Planting time : sown green manure from one culture ends to occupy the ground immediately: in the spring, before the first plantings, or in late summer or autumn, after harvest.

Sowing technology : We begin by lightly scratching the surface. The seeds are sown on the fly, then very slightly buried by raking.

Green manure and buried in the soil decomposes rapidly, providing the PLANTS plot humus and nitrogen so a green fertilizer and fertilizer for organic farming.

Discover at Culture Indoor our range organic fertilizer and fertilizer as well as all the stimulators of roots, growth and flowering of your plants for organic and organic cultivation.

Discover the best brands of organic fertilizers:

  • Platinium organic nutrients
  • Plagron organic fertilizer
  • Biobizz organic fertilizer
  • Biotabs organic fertilizer
  • Biocanna organic fertilizer
  • Gold brown organic fertilizer
  • General organic organic fertilizer
  • Advanced nutrients organic fertilizer
  • Aptus organic fertilizer
  • Hydropassion organic fertilizer
  • Pachamama Organic fertilizers
  • Vaalserberg Garden Organic Fertilizer

Buy organic fertilizers at the best prices in indoor growing your garden centers of the future and everywhere near you, think about growing organic. Indoor farming sponsors and innovates in organic fertilizers and fertilizers.

How does organic fertilizer work?

Amendment means that you must prepare your soil before growing your plants and enrich it with NPK fertilizer, find out what an organic NPK fertilizer or mineral NPK fertilizer.

Suspended organic fertilizer What is it?
A fertilizer suspended, allows to keep the fertilizer in the suspension and that it becomes active once mixed with the water or the soil directly

Is a biological fertilizer as efficient as mineral fertilizer?
I would say yes because with the new biological technologies organic fertilizer it has made great steps forward and now allows you to obtain crops almost as abundant as with non-organic mineral fertilizers.

Be aware though that there are certified mineral inputs and adaptable in organic farming under Regulation EC.

What does the NOP mean?
NOP is an organic certification standard for the USA.

What does the OMRI label mean?
The omri label is a label for organic food in the USA.

What does ecofert mean?
Ecofert for ecofertilisant , a charter and a French label for certified fertilizer manufacturers and their low consumption and in fact little or expenditures carbon tax and meet certain conditions of ecological jams.

What is natural fertilizer?
An organic fertilizers
without chemicals.

Through the cultivation of plants biological, get more flavor, more taste, more sugars, flavors of yesteryear back to you, consider buying fertilizers or organic fertilizers.

Culture Indoor propose you to French brands fertilizer for organic farming. + 7000 references for your gardens indoors and outdoors. Know how to plant without planting you since 2002!

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