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Biobizz Worldwide since 1992

Biobizz selected the Culture Indoor store network for the distribution of Biobizz fertilizers in France.

Culture Indoor is the partner of Biobizz in France to evolve your cultures.

Looking for biobizz fertilizers and fertilizers? 
Want to buy an organic fertilizer for soil cultivation?

Knowing the history of Biobizz and year of creation

Biobizz what is it? a range offertilizers and organic stimulator.

Learn about the history of Biobizz France and Biobizz Worldwide

From sowing to first harvest, Biobizz® has become since 1992 , the market leader in organic farming . An ecological foremost manufacturer, a manufacturer of specialized gardening soils in intensive plant cultivation and liquid fertilizers, substrates enhancers and taste: Biobizz manufactures a wide range of 100% organic products for all types of plant.

In fact, since its creation in 1992, Biobizz helped growers and people to grow organically successfully without any presence of harmful chemicals in the soil, Biobizz , a brand that preserves nature and the environment.

The philosophy of  Biobizz Worldwide is simple and pure:

You must be aware of environmental issues and make organic accessible to all, without any adverse impact on the environment. Share your Biobizz.

Biobizz creation

Biobizz control the quality of its products prior to sale on the public market.

A highest level of research and development is provided by Biobizz leader for biological plants of your culture.

We can simply say that every Biobizz® product always contains the ideal amount of organic ingredients suitable for your plants and crops indoors and outdoors.

Therefore  Biobizz Worldwide guarantees the satisfaction and peace of mind with world renowned high quality fertilizer for your crops by putting in our hands, you help protect the planet and insuring your future on this earth.

Biobizz Worldwide has been founded in the Netherlands in 1992 , our various facilities are found today in Spain since 2013 . We also have sites in France , in England and in North America . Thanks to our ability to deliver our partners worldwide, we offer everyone the chance to take care of their crops with Biobizz brand of fertilizer Worldwide .

Looking for a store retailer Biobizz  ? Culture Indoor offer 130 stores in France , Europe and overseas territories offering all the products in the range of fertilizers Biobizz .

Biobizz biological fertilizer

Discover  Bio Grow fertilizer for growth and  Bio Bloom fertilizer for flowering par excellence.

Fish mix the basic fertilizer, fish meal and extraordinary returns, discover Root juice , the root stimulator , or rather  Acti vera for a solution enzymatic and stock up on vitamins and oligo-elements .

For oligos elements try the organic seaweed with Alga-Mic the vitality enhancer for your plants indoors and outdoors.

Discover Bio-heaven the energy stimulator for perfect results.

Top-Max  the bloom stimulator made of fulvic acid and other elements to stimulate your plants.

Premix  is a complete compost to re-enrich yoursubtrats and potting culture, for once also discover the soils Biobizz with light mix forgrowthand All-mix for thebloomAll-mixamore enriched potting soilfor your crops and getorganic cropsabundant.

If you are looking for coir  ? Try Coco mix 50L of Biobizz for organic substrates and flexible organic.

Looking for a wholesaler Biobizz  ? Contact us

Biobizz fertilizer for your indoor growing and your interior gardens , Biobizz specialist cabinets cultures.

Biobizz is available throughout France, through its network of stores leaders of hydroponic and organic plants.

Biobizz's mission is to promote organic so that everyone adopts ecological thinking. To make this happen, we participate in several projects.

Would you share the seed of a good idea or a community gardening project?

Tell us by writing to contact us

The Biobizz greenhouse is particularly special because the vegetables will be distributed to area restaurants. These will therefore be able to expand the range of organic products they offer in their menu, so that more people can enjoy the taste Biobizz .

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