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humidifier is what? An electrical device that can increase the humidity in a room, a bedroom, an office, a culture cabinet.

Why use a  humidifier ?

Humidify a room when the air is too dry, for example, requires an air humidifier.

dry air is good neither for you nor for your children or for your home. Too dry air promotes airway diseases, dry skin, mucous membranes, plants and furniture.

This is why your best interest to use a humidifier to improve the quality of your air and raise the humidity level . Consider that the air is too dry when the humidity is below 50% . This rate is ideal when it is situated between 50 and 60% . To measure it, you can use a humidity sensor or sensor directly integrated with your humidifier. Some humidifiers are equipped with fog drive or directly from a humidistat to control the rate and the machine locks if necessary in the place in question.

Small devices will allow you to measure this rate:


When using a  humidifier ?

Use a humidifier is recommended especially in winter , when heating at full capacity to humidify the air becomes dry indoors. But its use does not exempt one golden rule: you must regularly ventilate your home to fresh air in question if possible outside pollution peaks. Some humidifiers models display the humidity of the room on a digital screen, and work to restore a suitable rate through an integrated humidistat in the machine. Would you like to refresh your children's room? Install an air humidifier in the room, which you will leave on all night to improve your air and get better breathing.

The humidifier helps maintain a good rate of humidity in the room of a baby, adult, and perfectly suited to cabinets crops or other applications to moisten a closed space of a size suitable for the humidifier unit

Where to install a  humidifier air?

Although installing your humidifier is important to get the humidity desired in the desired location

To properly install your humidifier, we recommend that you observe the following rules that may be important:

  • place the unit in the middle of the room, to get a better distribution of steam, for humidifiers hot air or distribution of the mist for ultrasonic humidifier
  • Do not place the unit too close to a wall or cabinet, moisture may damage it,
  • Do not place the unit near a radiator heat source.
  • In crop cabinets, place it in an angle or in the center if possible

In our range you will find different models of humidifier with 2.5L containers, 4L, 8L or otherwise spend on models humificateurs industry for large surface.

In similar products you can discover the  foggers ultrasound using the same technology as the most common humidifiers available for sale to the general public often called  mist maker .

Warm mist humidifier = humidifier high consumption consumes about 300W.

Cold steam humidifiers = humidifier ultrasonic , consumes about 40W.

We advise you to use cold steam humidifiers, which diffuses from the mist.

How to maintain and clean the humidifier ?

To take care of your device, we invite you to follow these important tips of good operation in order to obtain a longer life:

  • Use only tap water, filtered if necessary with a carafe
  • Rinse the tank at least once a day to ensure hygiene
  • Empty the water and dry if you do not use it
  • Replace the lime filter according to the recommendations in your operating instructions

Use osmosis water or demineralized water in your humidifier .

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