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List of products by manufacturer PLAGRON

Nowadays, purely organic plant cultivation is no longer an option but a must.

Nowadays, purely organic plant cultivation is no longer an option but a must. Consumers demand that the sectors of agriculture and horticulture take as natural a approach as possible to respect for man and the environment. Plagron's extensive range of additives offer everything you need for your plants. It is precisely thanks to a balanced composition of the purest ingredients that all products bearing the Plagron label have an optimal preventive, protective and nutritive effect.

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  • Palette of 55 Plagron Grow-Mix 50L, growth and flowering...


    grow-mix plagron 50litres available at indoor growshop your growshop online, also discover all the products, fertilizer and potting soil plagron

    551,20 € 689,00 €
  • Plagron Bat Mix 25L potting mix, with bat guano...


    The bat guano in a bag of potting soil, the bat mix offers everything you need for a good breeding ground of intensive and efficient cultivation, find all the plagron potting soil at indoor growshop online.

    767,20 € 959,00 €
  • Palette of 55 Plagron Bat Mix 50L, guano potting soil of...


    The bat mix mix enriched with bat guano, available in indoor culture, also find the range of plagron fertilizer like alga grow and bloom, green sensation, royal sugar, vita race etc .... visit our growshop online

    783,20 € 979,00 €
  • Palette of 60 Plagron - Promix 50L, professional potting...


    Sustrat Plagron Promix. Harvest 100% organic. Find all the potting soil in the substrate section, culture offers you the largest selection of potting soil in the market.

    719,20 € 899,00 €
  • Palette of 100 Plagron Light Mix 25L, soil of growth and...


    Light mix plagron 25 liters, also available in 50litres, visit our plagron section, fertilizer and soil, find green sensation, alga, terra etc ....

    503,20 € 629,00 €
  • Palette of 60 Plagron Light Mix 50L, potting soil and...


    light mix plagron available in indoor culture, and visit the whole plagron range fertilizer and potting soil, see our pages.

    503,20 € 629,00 €
  • Palette of 100 loams Plagron Royalty Mix 25L enriched for...


    The royalty mix of plagron 25 liters available in indoor culture, visit all the radius plagron fertilizer and potting soil.

    719,20 € 899,00 €
  • Palette of 55 Plagron Royalty Mix 50L, potting flowering...


    Plagron royalty mix available at indoor grow your online growshop find all available range in 25litres and 50 liters.

    759,20 € 949,00 €


    Ball clay euro pebbles plagron version 45 litres, available in indoor growing

    15,12 € 18,90 €
  • Plagron Terra Grow 20L , mineral fertilizer for the...


    discover the range terra plgron in indoor growing , find plagron terra grow at the best price

    87,20 € 109,00 €
  • Free delivery*

    PLAGRON Terra Bloom 20L , mineral fertilizer for the soil...


    PLAGRON terra bloom the flowering fertilizer available in indoor growing your growshop online, discount for life, if you are looking for fertilizer plagron visit our ray plagron.

    87,20 € 109,00 €
  • fertilizers of biological growth Plagron Alga Grow 10L


    Alga grow 10 litres Plagron seaweed based Fertilizers for the growth phase. The fertilizer of growth organic liquid .

    95,20 € 119,00 €
  • Plagron Alga Bloom 10L , fertilizer flowering organic


    Alga Bloom is a basic fertilizer specifically developed for soil for plants to rapid development in the flowering phase. Alga Bloom contains all the necessary nutrients for a optimal development and healthy.

    95,20 € 119,00 €
  • PLAGRON - PK13-14 Flowering Additive 500ml


    Plagron PK 13-14 is a liquid additive that is supplied during the flowering phase of plants.

    7,12 € 8,90 €
  • PLAGRON - PK13-14 Flowering Additive 250ml


    Plagron PK 13-14 is a liquid additive that is supplied during the flowering phase of plants.

    4,72 € 5,90 €
  • PLAGRON - PK13-14 Flowering Additive 1L


    Plagron PK 13-14 is a liquid additive that is supplied during the flowering phase of plants.

    9,60 € 12,00 €
  • Table culture Plagron Hydro


    Table culture Plagron Hydro

  • Table culture Plagron Earth


    Table culture Plagron Earth

  • Table culture Plagron Coco


    Table culture Plagron Coco

  • Table culture Plagron Natural


    Table culture Plagron Natural

  • Plagron - Coco 50L


    Culture hydro ponique stable pH value, find all products coco of plagron in culture indoor your grow shop online since 2002, free shipping 24h lifetime discount -20% loyalty *

    10,00 € 12,50 €



    16,00 € 20,00 €
  • Plagron - Pro mix 50L


    Sustrat Plagron Pro mix . Harvest 100% bio logique.retrouvez all soils in the substrate radius, culture offers you the largest selection of potting soil market, culture indoor the French leader in indoor cultivation, delivery in 24h, lifetime loyalty discount -20% *

    11,92 € 14,91 €
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