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EcoGroWall 1 m2 complete (without pump)

EcoGroWall 1 m2 complete (without pump)

EcoGroWall 1 m2 complete (without pump)

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The EcoGroWall is a culture system vertical versatile and economic that adapts to all your needs and all your parts, additionally, it adapts to all sizes of tents.

In fact, it is a wall of culture, equipped with an irrigation system that is attached to poles of metal using a very simple system of clips, in which it is possible to grow your favorite plants in your substrate for growth favorite, regardless of the space you have. While sticking to your budget!

With the EcoGroWall, the rolls of rock wool are suspended vertically. The nutrient solution is pumped periodically, and then directed into the drip drops located on the top of each loaf. The gravity brings the nutrient solution through the length of each bread; the surplus falls simply into the gutter below.

The EcoGroWall is designed to stay clean, save space, energy and also obtain larger harvests.

The EcoGroWall is perfect for all gardeners conscious of the energy or that have a limited space to devote to their garden.

The EcoGroWall is a device very beneficial. The economy of electricity is also impressive that the benefits to the space. The proximity of the lamps allows to minimize the loss of energy. The risk of burning is also almost zero because no reflector is used. This reduces the excess heat and allows a perfect distribution of the light.

In gardening in a small space, it is necessary, of course, to take into account several factors :

  1. The variety of plants: grow plants that stay small of course. For example, instead of grow tomatoes-type Beefsteak tomatoes, it is better to plant tomatoes Cherry ("cherry").
  2. Heat: plants stretch in hot environments. Try to keep the garden around 26.7 °C (80 °F).
  3. Growth: If you are growing plants that have cycles of growth and bloom-specific, be careful not to over extend the period of growth : the ideal would be to grow 5" to 6" from flowering.
  4. Nutrient solution: use a fertilizer specially conèu for recirculation systems to keep a balanced pH and contributing to the cleanliness of the unit.
  5. 3 Good reasons to have a EcoGroWall:

  6. Professional results from the first use (aéroponiques suractivés).
  7. The EcoGroWall can be installed even in constricted spaces, such as : basement, garage, a room of the house or a discount. They are perfect for the tents, or rooms of culture. In short, almost anywhere...
  8. By purchasing a EcoGroWall you to obtain the highest technology in the field, available on the market since the last twenty years, and this, by retaining the method of using the simplest and most functional.


The EcoGroWall was invented after ten long years, by a research centre with the collaboration of the university of Laval in Quebec and the Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Montréal (HEC).

Note that to achieve the equivalent results obtained with a single EcoGroWall, you would have a lot more time and even more money to invest in the construction of a chamber of conventional crop... and above all, 3 times more space !!!!

Enable your EcoGroWall of course !!


The 4 elements for a good garden:

    1. The WATER in the vertical, the water descends by gravity by letting the air inside, creating a perfect mixture of water and oxygen, culture aréoponique natural, for better absorption of mineral salts.
    2. PLANTS, are attracted in the opposite direction of the gravity, as the light side, the plants are attracted to them, giving a plant in constant work. The torso is reinforced and can bear more fruits with sugars are highly concentrated.
    3. IRRIGATION The instructions below refer to the bread GRODAN.


For other brands of rolls of rock wool, see their instructions.


  • Fill the tank with water to a pH of 5.5.
  • Sprinkle each loaf with the help of the hose; about 15 to 20 litres in a lateral motion to ensure a watering uniform. For each group of 6 bread; to fill the reservoir as needed and adjust water back to a pH of 5.5.
  • Wait for the bread to drain (max. 10 to 15 min.). Discard the drainage water is recovered.
  • Fine particles made of small rocks that inert can get free bread at this stage. This is quite normal and will not have any detrimental effect on your plants or your culture system.
  • To prepare the mixture of nutrition of the tank (C. E. 1.5) tank. Irrigate continuously for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Insert the AO cubes with the plants.
  • Do continuous irrigation 24/7. Continue to do so for the first 4 weeks until the plants are well rooted in the bread.
  • During the first 7 to 10 days, slowly increase the nutrients of growth are settled with an electrical conductivity (C. E.) 2.4. To achieve this, add fertilizer 3 times to increase the concentration in the tank as follows : Day 3 : EC= 1.8; Day 6: EC = 2.1; Day 9: EC = 2.4. Keep the pH between 5.5 and 6.5.
  • When the plants are well rooted, it is possible to pass to an irrigation cycle of 5 minutes off/15 minutes walking. Increase the concentration of nutrients if the foliage seems dull.

You can get the V-Slab, which are specially designed for the culture vertical, and whose statement are listed on the packaging.

  1. NPK for the first few weeks, the plants need a daily supplement of rooting. In addition, we recommend that you use enzymes throughout your harvest. For the plants to exotic and large sizes, it is advisable to stop the vegetation when the plants are 8 to 10 inches high. It is important to use a product to flowering within 3 to 4 dernièrse weeks with your fertilizer A and B preferred.

At the end of the cycles of flowering, it is advisable to make a week with only water and the pH calibrated (6.2)..

The EcoGroWall 1 m2 and is supplied complete with 5 bins vertical with gutters built-in and also all the irrigation needed to connect the 5 pieces together.

Attention : The EcoGroWall 1 m2 is supplied without pump.

Assembly time : approximately 10 minutes.

Clips provided for mounting direct in all rooms of cultures.

You will also find the tray to the unit to supplement the culture surfaces.

Comes complete in its original cardboard box.

Design made in Canada.



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