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GHE Ripen 10L, fertilizer end of flowering , general hydroponics

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N - P - K : 0 - 6 - 5

Ripen is a unique product in our industry. This is neither an additive nor a stimulator but a complete fertilizer that contains everything the plant needs to complete its cycle of flowering and / or fruiting.

Ripen is a fertilizer of the end of flowering, also called " solution forèage ". It is specifically formulated to accelerate the maturation of the plants as well as to improve their content of active principles.

It is a mixture of mineral salts and buffers assayed by our researchers with great attention to detail. At this stage of growth, accuracy is of the highest importance because the plant at the end of life, is often weakened and its assimilation capacity is much less than that of the growth stage.

Ripen acts at different levels :

-It sends to the plant a strong signal to let him know that she is in end-of-life. She reacts by flowering and fruiting accelerated, in an effort to reproduce before disparaÌtre.

-It forces the plant to increase its defenses, and consequently, its active principles.

It gives the plant all the mineral ions that will be required for this last effort of reproduction. -In the case of accumulation by the plant of nitrate or trace elements, it helps in the metabolism of these residues, thus improving the goét of the harvest.

This fertilizer has multiple uses :

It allows you to quickly complete a harvest before it is gàte in the event of a rear-season wet and cold.

-In a greenhouse or inside, it allows to harmonize the purposes of cycle and finish more quickly maturing plants to the most late.

-In case of a severe attack of pathogens or insects, it will speed up the cycle and get a harvest before the plants are destroyed.

It finally allows to increase the content of active principles of medicinal plants, aromatic and culinary.

Application :

Ripen is as well used in hydroponics than in soil, regardless of your method of culture, and regardless of the fertilizer used during the life of the plant.

The last 10 days of flowering, dilute Ripen in water with the pH adjusted.

In hydroponics : 4 - 5 ml/L - EC : 1,8 - 2,2

In soil : same dosage, a watering on two.

Also see the application tables on the labels of the One Part and Flora-series.


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