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GHE - Flashclean 1L (Florakleen), rinse solution

Flashclean can be used during all phases of culture - 1L - GHE

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Delivered :Vendredi14/05/2021.*



Flashclean is designed to remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate in hydroponic systems, substrates and potting soils. It can be used in all systems and substrates including during the culture. It can also be used between crops to clean the systems of the salt accumulated. Unlike other products on the market, Flashclean is not enzyme-based, but uses a technology that is quite different.

Flashclean can be used throughout the growth cycle of the plant.

During the culture, Flashclean :

  • Dissolved salts accumulated.
  • Reduces stress die to the excess, or imbalance of fertilizer.
  • Breaking the ties that bind the mineral salts in the substrate, and makes it available
  • Nourishes the microbial life in the substrate.

Use Flashclean monthly to purge your hydroponic system or your potted plants of excess salts that can accumulate as a result of the regular application of fertilizer.

Flashclean is also an excellent final rinse :

  • Use Flashclean as a final rinse a few days before harvest to promote maturation and the establishment of the sugar. Use the last 1 or 2 days before harvest, alone or with Ripen.

Its high concentration and its low price make it an economical choice to preserve your plants in hydroponics as well as in earth.

Flashclean is a solution unique in our industry.


In hydroponics :

  • When you change the solution: Add 1.5 to 3 ml per litre of water in your new solution. Use a concentration of light for young plants or fragile, and a higher concentration for plants vigorous or showing, close to the harvest. Rotate 24 hours with Flashclean alone before adding the fertilizer.
  • By rinsing before the harvest :
    1. Single : Empty the old solution out of your tank. Fill with cool water, and add 3 ml of Flashclean per litre of water. Turn this solution for a day or two before the harvest.
    2. With Ripen *:
      Add 3 ml of Flashclean per litre of water for the last two days of life, to increase the content of sugar of your harvest.

In the land and in the substrates off the ground :

  1. One : Fill a container with fresh water and add 1,5 to 3 ml/L of Flashclean. Saturate until water flows out of the bottom of the pot. Go back to your nutrition program usual as soon as the next watering.
  2. With Ripen *:
    Add 3 ml of Flashclean per litre of water for the last two days, to increase the content of sugar of your harvest.
    *NB. Flashclean and Ripen work in synergy, and are not antagonistic.

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